BC3 Cocinas inaugurates its new showroom in Madrid

The project is the result of a partnership with Ele Room 62

The new BC3 Cocinas showroom is located in the prestigious Calle Castelló 62 in Madrid. The new space will bring all of BC3 Cocinas' new products and creations to design professionals. The project is the result of a joint collaboration with Ele Room 62.

The inauguration was attended by personalities from the Spanish interior design and decoration scene such as Raul Martins and Erico Navazo, to name a few. In this new showroom we will be able to admire three totally different styles, an absolute reflection of the great versatility of BC3 Cocinas when it comes to materialising designs, responding to all needs, comforts, benefits and solutions: the Eucalyptus, Varese and Chicago kitchens.