Cosentino Group sets more records in 2017 exceeding 900 million euros in revenue

The Spanish multinational continues its strong commitment to internationalisation and global geographical expansion

The Spanish Cosentino Group is a global leading company in the production and distribution of innovating surfaces for the world of architecture and design and continues to strengthen its economic and financial position. The company closed the 2017 fiscal year with a consolidated revenue of 901 millions of euros, representing an increase of more than 8% on 2016, a figure negatively impacted by the depreciation of sales income against the euro. In comparable terms, i.e. using a regularised exchange rate, this figure was 10%, highlighting strong growth in certain markets including Europe (+20%) and the Iberian Peninsula (+12%).

In terms of operating results, the Company´s EBITDA last fiscal year totalled a 128 millions of euros. The accounting figure with the most pronounced improvement over the last fiscal year was net profit, which totalled 57 million Euros, or a 33% increase on 2016. In terms of the 2016-2019 investment plan, the Company has already invested slightly less than 200 million Euros, which equals to 52% of its total planned investments, whose total value is 380 million of euros; 70% of this amount has been transferred directly to productive growth investments, most notably the construction and opening of a second Dekton® manufacturing plant, as well as new automated logistics facilities that will begin operations over the next few months. In addition, during 2017, Cosentino Group also focussed on the automation of existing factories for product diversification and has implemented more improvements to its environmental management as part of its maximum commitment to sustainability. All these investments were made at the Cosentino´s main industrial park in the town of Cantoria in the Spanish Almeria province, which is also the seat of its corporate headquarters. At present, the site has a total area of 2,3 million square meters.

The Group continues its vast commitment to internationalisation and geographical expansion across the world, creating 340 new jobs during last year. Half of these, or 170 jobs, were created in the Company´s home country Spain. This figure adds to the 300 jobs the firm already created across the world in 2016. For the next three years, the Company is maintaining an ambitious growth plan in this regard, including the opening of new business units.

Finally, the Cosentino Group is preparing for the coming years in accordance with an updated strategic plan that covers the period 2018-2020. This strategic plan involves speeding up the pace of investment, doubling down on the company´s commitment to digitalisation and new technologies in both production and sales areas, to reinforce the competitiveness and leading position that guarantee sustainable growth. And in the midst of all this, Cosentino Group have not lost sight of the continuing Investment Plan, which is now facing its final stage. This stage is particularly focussed on innovation and product development, as well as the automation of production processes.