Announcement of the "German agents Meeting"

Arvet, in order to promote the German market, proposes a meeting of agents adressed to the bath equipment firms in Germany for 2018  

With the aim of boosting an always interesting and attractive German market and in particular to allow a growing number of associated companies to access to this market, or in case they are already present, expand their existing agent network, ARVET, the Spanish acronym for the Association of Exporters of Manufactured Goods, proposes to companies in the hardware and bathroom equipment sectors, the call for a meeting of agents in Germany for 2018 in collaboration with the Institute of Ceramic Technology (which Spanish acronym is ITC).  

In order to explain this activity, the Association has organised an information day on Thursday, October 26th at 12 noon in its offices in the Plaza del Patriarca, number 4, in the Spanish city of Valencia. A team of experts from the ITC focussed in the German market, and in search of commercial multi-brand agents, will look for and select agents, who are open to meet each participating company and will organise individual B2B encounters between German commercial agents and ARVET associated companies, in a German location that still is to be decided. The venue, to be celebrated at the nearest possible date, will be scheduled during the months of February or March of the following year 2018. The commercial action will be held during one full day, offering the possibility for associated companies to ARVET, to go and return the same day (maximum stay two days). More information can be found on the ARVET official website,  as well as the inscription form at www.arvet.es, or writing an email to info@arvet.es or by telephone on the Spanish number: 96 353 20 07.