Andimac organizes the IX Commercial Innovation Forum

The event will be celebrated to evaluate the current market situation and analyse the market demand for 2017-2018

Under the lively slogan "the market is waking up, don't stay asleep", Andimac organizes its ninth edition of the Forum for Commercial Innovation. This year’s edition will be held on the forthcoming 9th of June in the Spanish capital city Madrid. Andimac is the Spanish Association for Distribution of ceramic tile and construction materials. The 2017 event will include a review on the current market environment, to further analyse in detail the market behaviour and market demand for 2017, and as well as a first forecast expectation for 2018.

It is Andimac´s priority to draw the attention on the fact that the renovation market is showing a fast increasing and positive business figure. The association points out that the moment has come for companies to consider again how to improve market conditions. This includes an internal study of the profit margins of all operations and productivity levels of operators, both at the individual level of each company, but also under a more universal vision of collective interest. For this purpose, the Association has set a well-defined goal that includes establishing a structure of values to transmit to consumer orientated target groups and satisfy their emotional experiences. A satisfactory customer experience will not only enhance your brand reputation, but will also generate further brand confidence.  This will further activate models to incentivise consumer demand, that will in turn increase the output of operations in all aspects.

The following figures show the real potential of the market and underline the paybacks of the business report redacted by Andimac. The association concludes that by only hitting 1% of household spending in Spain for home improvement or renovation works, the sector would automatically generate a business figure of more than 5,000 million euros. During the Forum a debate will be organized to examine on how to move forward in this thinking line. Moreover, it will also address the key points for commercial distribution channels of building materials. The new fiscal framework and regulations; practices of unfair competition and the crucial adaptation of small and medium sized companies to the new business model are on the agenda for discussion, as well as the new guidelines in the field of compliance and customer management.