Arvet focuses on internationalisation in Central America

The countries of Central America have become strategic destinations for Spanish companies because of their growth potential and business opportunities

The Association of exporters of processed goods (ARVET in its Spanish acronym) has recently launched the SICOMEX project for a careful selection of countries located in Central America. The selected list of countries includes Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala because they are all being considered as extremely strategic destinations. The reason of including these countries in strategic target markets is motivated because of their high potential growth and elevated rate of potential business opportunities. The SICOMEX project stands for a strategic initiative to create access, implementation and consolidation in export markets for Spanish companies, that are situated in Central America. In particular, Nicaragua is considered as a major strategic destination due to its very favourable geographical position. From Nicaragua as a starting point, it is extremely convenient to gain access to other countries in the area such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and the Caribbean Islands. Another very important aspect is that the country enjoys political stability and legal security, and is at the head of the region in terms of development. The economic growth forecasts for Nicaragua for this year 2017 reach up to 4%.

The SICOMEX project directly aims at assisting Spanish firms. Their main principal is based on creating an organisation that will operate at the sole disposal of all Spanish companies, in terms of an exclusive commercial platform and support office. The clear objective of the operation is to enter the Central American markets of Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala with the firm intention of celebrating successful trade agreements in the near future. The commercial platform will provide previous to business operations, very detailed reports with the commercial data and characteristics of these countries. This will allow exporting companies to previously adapt their product to the market demands and customer taste. SICOMEX will assist Spanish manufacturers to retrieve all information about their competitors and potential customers. For further information you can visit the website info@arvet.es