Viega presents Prevista, a new generation of concealed cisterns

A large variety of flush plates to choose from

A quick and easy installation starts with the correct product selection. For this reason, Viega Prevista offers simplification to its maximum extend and with maximum design freedom. The centerpiece of the new generation pre-wall system is the new concealed cistern that is used throughout the range and fits to all WC elements. Viega Prevista offers three pre-wall applications for dry constructions with the Prevista Dry pre-wall system that can be expanded with a rail and connectors to create Prevista Dry Plus, and the Prevista Pure model for brick wall, wet constructions. Quality, durability and flexibility.  

Moreover, the new Viega Visign flush plates come in a wide variety of different materials. They offer the ideal design for every taste, as well as featuring state of the art technology. All plates are compatible with the Prevista cistern, and can mostly be installed without the use of tools.