Torvisco Group continues steady growth thanks to the expansion and updating of its manufacturing premises

Torbath Furniture expands its surface by 18,600 m² with a large investment and the construction of two new industrial premises


Torvisco Group, a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of bathroom furniture, has started the building project to expand the surface area of ​​its Torbath Furniture factory by an additional 18,569 m², and the construction of two new industrial premises that will boost the expansion of its total manufacturing facilities and will contribute to important improvements in the company’s production processes. It concerns an ambitious project to double the current surface area of their premises, to a total area of 32,094 m² that is located in the Spanish town of Villarrubio (Cuenca).
The expansion works started in the year 2020 and are expected to be finalized in the coming year, in an effort to meet the growing demand of its customers, and in addition as an investment to update, innovate and in general improve the overall manufacturing processes of all of its products.
The start-up of the new facilities at the Torvisco Group factory represents an important and qualitative leap for the firm, seeking to satisfy the currently growing market demand and to remain always at the forefront of the latest advances and existing technologies.