The SO brassware collection from FIMA Carlo Frattini awarded with an iF design award 2020

Is the fourth award recognition for the collection

The Italian manufacturer for luxury brassware FIMA Carlo Frattini has received yet another design award recognition for its prestigious SO collection, namely the reputed iF Design Award. The collection has received four awards so far, previously to the iF Design Award the SO collection has been awarded with a German Design Award, a Good Design Award and the Design Plus Award powered by ISH.

The SO collection combines the interplay of its elements with guaranteed water savings. Italian designer Davide Vercelli has created a product that largely exceeds the boundaries of a traditional mixer. The variety of six electro plating finishes: chrome, chrome-black, chrome-brushed black, brushed nickel, gold and brushed gold, and additionally two colour finishes: matt white and matt black, all of them can be chosen individually to obtain a total look are combined to create a unique and lifestyle piece. For the control handles, another three texture finishes are added: cement grey and two different wood finishes. The final outcome is a statement of an expressive designer tap, personal and capable of stimulating feel and visual aesthetics.