The pattern of the external demand for Spanish bathroom equipment products remains strong

France is in the lead and the United States show the highest increase in its demand for Spanish goods

According to the data provided by Aseban (Spanish acronym for the Association of Spanish Bathroom Equipment Manufacturers), the strong external demand for Spanish bathroom equipment products continues and the growth trend is maintained in the current complex and tense environment. This is revealed from the data analyzed by ICEX (Spanish acronym for the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) Estacom-AEAT. The export figures of the Bathroom Equipment sector increased by 23.5% in May 2022, compared to the same month in 2021, achieving a volume worth €83,997,853 in value and 18,055,796.05 kgs (+19.2% more than in May 2021).

The Valencian Community occupies the first place in the ranking by Autonomous Regions, representing 45.9% of the total exports of the Spanish bathroom equipment manufacturers sector, followed by Catalonia in second place. Furthermore, if we analyze the main destinations of Spanish exports and imports and the variation compared to the same period in 2021, a few very clear conclusions can be drawn. France is heading the list of the top 5 countries to which Spain exported in May 2022. However, the US is the country with the highest increase in figures compared to the previous year. Accordingly, translated into data we would envisage the following: France (+16.1%) volume: €27,880,123, Portugal (+0.2%) volume: €11,010,872, Italy (+10.0%) volume: €7,618,474, UK (+58.8%) volume: €4,772,649, USA (+141%) volume: €4,358,295.8.

In addition, analyzing the aggregate data for January-May 2022, the sector's exports grew by 13.7%, reaching the total figure of €342,082,213 in value and 77,171,820.47 kgs (+3.98% than in the same period of 2021).