The future of shower trays: STRATO-Titanlight® by Torvisco Group

Innovation and technology combine in a breakthrough that defies gravity and sets a new standard

The Spanish Torvisco Group introduces a game-changing offering in the shower tray industry with its new catalogue: STRATO-Titanlight®, a remarkable breakthrough that defies gravity and sets entirely new standards for the industry. It all started with the following challenge: the task to create a shower tray that combined safety, strength and lightness.

The result was astonishing: a 35% reduction in weight, without any compromise at all on robustness of the product and with the highest anti-slip ratings, even on the smooth texture finishes. So how was this achieved? The answer lies in the meticulous selection of the materials and a new specially developed formula of low-density mineral fillers. These not only offer lightness, but also maintain a high resistance comparable to that of conventional trays. This new composition is the result of an alliance between Torbath Furniture, the Torvisco Group's production centre, and the experienced Johnson Anti-Slip, to transform the shower tray industry.