The ACO ShowerDrain S+, a surprisingly simple shower drain channel

New design proposal from ACO

The ACO ShowerDrain S+ is ACO's new shower drain channel design that integrates perfectly into the overall aesthetics of the bathroom area and offers a very simple way to keep it clean and maintain it in perfect conditions. This challenge is achieved by an innovating “tip & flip” function that allows the grid to be lifted and removed with a simple finger pressure on one side, without the need of using any additional tools, thus avoiding potential scratches and damages to the material or any other possible discomfort.

The exterior parts of the shower drain are made of stainless steel and have been submitted to a special electropolishing process, that provides a 50% more flat product finish and improved gloss. In terms of installation, the system comes pre-assembled with waterproofing fabric and has an integrated slope to ensure optimal water drainage.