Spanish Profiltek and the University of Castellón work together in the research for new materials that enhance the functionality of glass elements

Commitment to innovation is the key factor for the manufacturer of shower enclosures

Profiltek supported by the investigation centre at the Spanish University Jaume I located in Castellón, has established a close collaboration geared towards innovative projects for research and development, focussed on the study of new materials that allow enhancing the characteristics of glass shower screens, in terms of improving its ease of cleaning. However, the research goes much further and also includes the development of new glass products and applications.

The Managing Director of Spanish brand Profiltek, Mr Félix Lafuente, has stated that they have initiated the development of  “one of the firm´s major projects to date, and although extremely complicated, due to the fact that the glass is an inert element, it encourages Profiltek to study and try the search for new applications, with the aim to provide an additional service to Profiltek consumers in terms of easy cleaning of shower enclosures, as well as for other products where glass elements can improve better adherence".

It is not the first time that the Spanish company, for the purpose of research and innovation, establishes close collaborations with established universities and technological institutions. For the board members of Profiltek, their convection and full commitment goes to innovation, considered as a key factor to differentiate themselves from other manufacturers for shower enclosures on the market. Another striking fact that confirms the company´s strategy and strive for innovation is that during the course of the present year, the in-house research department has started with the implementation of technology and techniques for the digitalisation of shower enclosures. Moreover, the development of new and surprising features such as LED lights integrated into shower screens or high- tech solutions converting the shower enclosures in proper displays where to project elements, images or holograms, have been taken on board. Profiltek looks for the ultimate customer satisfaction by striving for maximum innovation.