Security and hygiene in the bathroom with Acquabella

A germ free bathroom environment

Hygiene is one of the new challenges to defeat during the new normal, and in particular in the bathroom environment. For this reason, the I+D+I team of Acquabella is focussed on developing safe bathroom equipment to absolutely guarantee the health of its users within the bathroom environment.

Acquabella products are manufactured with an advanced specially engineered material called Akron, a polyurethane resin composite with mineral fillers, that allows the moulding of a highly resistant product. The performance level offered by this material is truly amazing: a nice sense of touch, slip resistant, thermal shock and hydrolysis resistant, impact proof, … only to name a few benefits. But one of the most important characteristics of this material is the special antibacterial coating featured on the surface. To know all the details regarding the qualities and technical properties of Acquabella products, the Spanish firm invites you to check the technical chapter of its online general catalogue.