Royo Group increases its logistical capacity with 50% in Spain and a full 100% in Poland

The Spanish firm is market leader in the manufacturing of bathroom furniture in these two countries, and comes third in Europe

The Spanish firm Royo Group, market leader in the production of bathroom furniture in Spain and Poland, and third in the European ranking, was forced to increase the storage capacity of its plant in Spain by 50% to give response to the fast business growth the Royo Group has enjoyed in recent months. Because of similar highly increase of turnover figures in Poland, the logistical facilities based in this country have been doubled as well to meet the fast growing demand of the North European market.

The increase in warehouse capacity of the facilities located in Spain is reflected by an area of 8,000 m2, divided into two separate areas, both located in the Spanish city of Valencia (in the Valencian suburbs of Quart de Poblet and Ribarroja). It is the Royo Group logistic hub for storage and distribution to all sales channels for the complete range of product categories geared towards the Southern European markets. The total storage capacity has been increased to 7,000 storage spaces, where the firm can store up to 35,000 units from production for immediate customer deliveries. The logistics field is one of the key factors to the success of Royo Group, to face the demanding level of service, and allowing them to deliver any product inside its catalogue to its extensive and international network of customers in no more than 72 hours.