Roca presents the conclusions of its 360° case study amongst bathroom professionals in Spain.

In Spain, a complete bathroom renovation has an average cost of 4.800 euros.

Roca has presented the outcome of its "360° case study amongst the professional collective of the bathroom sector in Spain", it concerns the first in-depth research performed in this field in Spain. The study, conducted and carried out by Ikerfel, is the result of a survey, consulting more than 2,000 survey respondents, all bathroom specialists, from across the country.
The study, amongst other findings, indicates that the direct word-to-mouth recommendation remains the key formula to customer acquisition, to be followed in second rank by the online channel. It also shows that in 4 out of every 10 cases bathroom renovations are carried out simultaneously with the kitchen reform. Another remarkable outcome is that bathroom professionals deliberately purchase more from traditional distribution channels, aiming at better customer service and support. Moreover, the survey shows that building materials have the biggest impact on the budget.  Furthermore, the study also mentions that 3 out of every 4 bathroom professionals claim to work always with the same brands and last but not least, more than 90% of the survey respondents consider Roca as excellent.