Roca celebrates a lively debate on architecture "legacies of the future: towards an (A)ttitude"

Architecture cultivates from the past to innovate in the future

Within the framework of the Roca product showroom, the firm has recently organized at the Roca Barcelona Gallery, the public debate "Legados de futuro: hacía una (A)ctitud" (“Legacies of the future : towards an (A)ttitude”). The official ceremony was attended by over 240 professionals closely connected to the world of architecture, and has taken an insider look at the sense and commitment of current agents that are actively participating in innovative aspects of architecture, in comparison or in connection with the sense and commitment of architectural pioneers of the early 20TH century, such as Le Corbusier.

The leading speakers were 4 renowned field experts: Cristina Jover, architect and Director of the Department of architectural design at UPC; Carlos Quintáns, architect and editor, winner of the Golden Lion at the Biennale di Venezia; Javier Haddad, architect and executive director of significant projects such as Apple Store, SANNA, REX or SOM; and Josep Bohigas, architect and director of Barcelona Regional of the Barcelona City Council; in addition to other outstanding professionals and personalities of the architectural sector.

Today, after categorically exhausting the 20th century, an age firstly nourished in the sources of utopia and sustained later on with different forms of materiality, we have already jumped into the scuffle with the 21th century. A wandering into a context in which the essence of contemporary architecture, in the focus of the Spanish territory, has been presented and celebrated internationally as "not completed", showing solidarity, in the most extensive of its meanings, with the legacy of the past and attitude to the future.