Roca celebrates its Centenary with an exhibition and a programme of special events

Wellness, design, sustainability and innovation have been the key values of the brand over the past one hundred years

Roca, the leading brand in the bathroom sector, celebrates its 100th anniversary. The  celebration embraces a number of unique exhibitions and events that will be held at the different Roca Galleries based in Barcelona, Madrid, London, Lisbon and Shanghai. The first exhibition of the calendar "A shared history. The brand through communication" has been opened to the public in Barcelona on last February 8th, and will be followed by the inauguration of Madrid on February 22nd. At these unique exhibition, one can observe the amazing growth trajectory of the firm over the years, but also the course of our own history, in both a personal and collective manner. In fact, one of the important experiences of this event, is the introduction in understanding the way of life of the Spanish society.

The family workshop, created now a century ago by the Roca brothers near Barcelona, has grown out to a global company, with brand presence in 170 countries and operates as a world reference and market leader in the creation of bathroom environments. An amazing fact is that, even after so many years,  the average Spaniard still directly relates bathroom equipment with the Roca brand, a great achievement that has conveyed Roca into a household brand. The exhibition invites us on a journey throughout the communication exercise of the brand, which identifies perfectly the four values that define Roca: wellness, design, sustainability, and innovation; values that have become sacred pillars of the brand and have evolved throughout the years. In addition, within the framework of this first exhibition organized during the year of the Centenary, all Roca Galleries are celebrating a number of happenings focused on communication and brand building.