Pressalit Care: The importance of accessibility in the hospitality sector

Customers appreciate more and more the design and functionality

The most heard comments, from both end-users and hotel owners, could be summarized in the following statement: "We are keen on finding any kind of solution that would not stigmatize the appearance of bathrooms for disabled users, and ensure that every consideration is given to allow flexibility, independence and usability”. As a result of the aging of the population, resulting in a significant increase of hotel guests with physical disabilities or limitations, it is important to consider their needs for adaptation in the private bathrooms, so they can enjoy – and importantly rely on, to meet their specific needs, in the same way as you would adapt to their needs on the restaurant menu.

As a matter of fact, the accessories make the difference to decide whether the bathroom space really works for the visitors, and will determine whether the stay is pleasant or not for a person with a physical disability. The solutions offered by Pressalit Care are highly attractive yet practical and serve both for private bathrooms or hotel accommodations, adapting  to the individual preferences of each individual user. In Spain, Pressalit Care products are distributed by Aquacontrol. For more information about Pressalit Care in Spain, please visit www.aquacontrol.es, and to find your local dealer or general information please visit: www.pressalit.com.