Poalgi acquires new manufacturing equipment aiming at quality improvement and production expansion for its factory in Carlet

The new machinery will improve and control manufacturing process to increase the quality level of the shower tray production.

Poalgi, the company from Valencia, dedicated to the conception, manufacturing, and sales of product elements for kitchens and bathrooms, has incorporated a new control unit to its production line. The recent investment will concede an overall improvement to the manufacturing processes of the range of shower trays, and furthermore procure more and better finished product. The new production system obtained by Poalgi is directly related with its new collection of bathroom elements, represented through collections such as Clay, Gneis, Hos´s or Spa. In addition, the new equipment offered the opportunity of optimizing product quality remarkably and increasing the current production output. The need for higher production capacity has been generated by the new bathroom collections that at present already represent 40% of the company´s turnover.

The advanced production unit of Poalgi will allow the brand to further attract and retain customers. The advancement in production includes improved product quality, higher durability and impact resistance of the final product, and a more flexible production resulting in shorter delivery terms. Furthermore, the product reaches new technical advantages leading to maximum customer satisfaction levels.