New Machflow Plus Brushless by Mediclinics

The perfect combination of design, durability and efficiency

Mediclinics, manufacturer of hand dryers and bathroom accessories, presents its new Machflow Plus Brushless, a hand dryer that, in addition to having a compact and very robust design, provides a high level of energy efficiency and sustainability (very low energy consumption of only 1. 8-4. 2W/h per drying cycle), a low level of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere low noise pollution (67-74dBA), making it one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly state-of-the-art automatic hand dryers on the market.

However, if we were to highlight anything about this new hand dryer, it would undoubtedly be its engine. In addition to their great power, which gives it a drying time of just 8 seconds, it should be noted that, as brushless motors, they do not require maintenance, have excellent performance and offer a long service life of more than 5,000 hours.

Other features of this fast eco hand dryer are:

- Its standard Hepa Filter Media that, together with the optional Ion Hygienic technology (ionizer), eliminates viruses and bacteria, helping to create much more hygienic bathroom spaces.

- Optionally, you can include a quick assembly/disassembly kit (Kit “Plug-in” code KTP009) which allows you to install and uninstall the hand dryer easily, quickly and safely.

Finally, mention that, in addition, the Machflow Plus Brushless hand dryer from Mediclinics has an excellent 5 years warranty.