My Secret from Inda, a new design concept

An innovative system of wall cabinets for maximizing storage space

Italian manufacturer Inda presents a new concept of space saving cabinets, designed by Grey ID that can be fully, semi or non-recessed mounted onto the wall, occupying a minimum of space for a maximum of storage and functionality. A well defined and innovative design idea that moreover allows maximum customization. The lacquered steel elements from the My Secret collection are available in 10 different colours with matt finish, ready to bring a tasteful, elegant look to the entire bathroom environment.

My Secret by Inda is an authentic revolution in the concept of space for a coordinated design philosophy throughout. It represents a high potential of decorative and creative solutions that will respond to the most demanding and specific needs in bathroom planning. My Secret conceives a new approach on intelligent space distribution, without the need of large areas, and focussed on the optimal use of space and the creation of functional storage areas. The My Secret concept has been developed particularly with a view on architects and interior designers, so they can apply their abilities to the highest exponent of creativity, to generate new, different and surprising space solutions. Once again, the Inda brand successfully interprets the need to turn the bathroom into a wellness space increasingly closer to the concept of total living by pairing style, harmony, design and functionality into one collection that will delight the most sybarite customers.