Keraben presents new outdoor tiles for gardens and terraces

Springtime has arrived and the Spanish leading leading tile manufacturer advances its product innovations for outdoor use

Every year around this time we can start thinking in renovating our outdoor spaces so that they look at their best during the summer period. The Keraben group, including its three lifestyle brands Keraben, Metropol and Infinite House, proposes innovative ceramic solutions with timeless reliability that are resistant to moisture and extreme weather conditions, easy to clean and maintain, with anti-slip technology (Antislip Shoeless, with a soft texture) and suitable for any outdoor solution. Outdoor tiles with an unique solution and aesthetic following the latest architectural trends (inspired by nature and available in different styles with wood, stone or cement looks).

For the more humid areas, the use of material with a minimum grade of water absorption such as high quality porcelain stoneware Is highly recommended for absolute strength and reliability. Fine porcelain stoneware features an extremely dense and impact-resistant body that will not be altered by the sun, rain or temperature changes. No matter the size of our area, we all want our outdoor corner to look perfect. For this reason, Keraben proposes some innovative ideas such as the creation of ceramic paths with seamless laying of the new 20 mm stoneware to create different laying patterns. The use of the same flooring for interior and exterior use, meeting contemporary needs, can be an option, or choosing a specific style by representing it through decoration and include plants to provide freshness could be an alternative setting.