Ideal Standard invests in growt

The firm commits to innovation in the sanitary ware sector

Ideal Standard, the leading brand for offering integrated bathroom solutions with a highly aesthetic and technological value, has launched its new brand image, in a period marked by financial growth. These are the final conclusions of the recently published financial results: sales figures reached a total amount of EUR 739 million in 2016 and the obtained results of EBITDA increased by 14 percent, to 81 million euros. Helping professional clients to make their businesses grow, "connected intelligence", is the main lemma marked by the leading firm in the bathroom equipment sector. Envisaging this target, all efforts will be focused on connecting with the customer network and market expectations, and to provide them with solutions that respond to the challenges they face and meet their needs.  Moreover, the focus will be on aiming to achieve a more efficient use of water, develop and adopt solutions to make products easier to be installed. Last but not least, the use and research for advanced materials and production methods, aimed to obtain more durable materials and innovative manufacturing ways, are also included in the ambitious business strategy.

In order to reflect the new research and development methods applied with the key target to increase the "connected intelligence" concept, that will drive innovation throughout the sanitary ware sector, Ideal Standard have created a new brand identity. A presentation of new company signs that fully embodies the company´s values and strategies. The two interlocking rings are the symbol of the strong relationship with their professional clients, the perfect alliance and the dynamic flow of water. Ideal Standard is enrolling the largest investment that the company has made in its last ten years of history. The investment plan covers all aspects from manufacturing technology and production capacity to both product innovation - such as the array of new product launches celebrated at the latest edition of the International ISH exhibition in Frankfurt - and customer service support.