Casa Decor 2021, held in Madrid until June 27th

An unmissable event of interior design, design, innovation and lifestyle covering 4 thousand square meters

In the Plaza Canalejas number 3 in Madrid rises a historic and majestic building, the Casa de Tomás Allende, which will host, until June 27th, the 2021 edition of Casa Decor, one of the major exhibitions in Spain and that in this edition keeps growing stronger, and adapted to the present sanitary circumstances, maintaining all health recommendations set by the authorities. In the exhibition not only participate professionals and companies from the habitat sector, but as well there are institutional spaces, streaming platforms or luxury and lifestyle brands.

The marked routes of the exhibition take the visitors throughout the 4 thousand square meters of the building. Starting from the magnificent stately entrance up to the terrace on the sixth floor, the visitor will be able to tour the 55 projected spaces and end their visit on the ground floor, passing through the old commercial premises where the restaurant and the exit are now located. In total, 131 companies are participating in the event, of which 56% are Spanish brands, 55 interior design, architecture, design and landscaping studios, 20 artists and as many artisans.