Bathco presents a supplement with surprising new features

These new collections will be integrated into the exclusive Materia catalogue

Bathco brings its latest creations to the Milan Furniture Fair. In an effort to highlight innovation and design excellence, the brand has launched an exclusive supplement revealing exciting new washbasin innovations.

New Collections. These new collections will be integrated into the exclusive Materia catalogue. In particular, the novelties of the ATELIER, SOLID SURFACE and STONE collections stand out, each presenting unique designs that combine form, function and style in an exceptional way.

The ATELIER series dazzles with its focus on porcelain as a creative canvas. With the Wadi model, Bathco Atelier transforms porcelain into a functional work of art, inspired by the columns of classical architecture. Meanwhile, the Dobra collection pays homage to the organic shapes of Gingko biloba leaves, offering elegant and distinctive designs. The Saigon model captivates with its minimalist elegance, evoking the beauty of nature in its simplest and most dynamic form.

In the Solid Surface series of sinks, the Cervino collection stands out for its ribbed design, which reflects the majesty of the mountains and the serenity of nature.

Within the STONE series, Bathco presents three new models: Papua, Mimika and Sarmi, highlighting the fusion of artisanal techniques and cutting-edge mechanical processes to create pieces of exceptional quality.

A special mention deserves the new Bambú collection, represented by the Laos washbasin cabinet. This collection celebrates the beauty and sustainability of bamboo, symbolizing constant growth and renewal in interior design.