Amec 2021 Forum

The new competitiveness, a matter of size?

The Spanish association Amec will celebrate its 2021 Forum under the slogan "The new competitiveness, a matter of size?" On forthcoming July 6th. The pandemic accelerated as well the outbreak of megatrends, and 2021 will be remembered as the year of the transition to the new era. Everything we knew up to now, will have evolved with no return and it will have done so in the period of merely two years. The cruiser speed that we have acquired pushes us to continue forward but in certain occasions, it is important to hold on for a moment and observe again the horizon to which we are heading.
Looking into the future is the proposal of the Amec Forum: performing industrial research to anticipate what is yet to come. In this edition, the focus will be on studying and analyzing the optimal business size. During this event we will understand how to value our company size, by listening to world trends around business size from experienced speakers, and learn from success stories of companies that already have discovered their optimal business size, furthermore there will be a debate between industrials, based on the dichotomies that are generated in this debate leading to a masterclass.
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