According to Andimac, Spaniards qualify the living standard of their housing with a score of 6,8

The sector Association regrets that 40% of the Spanish housing does not improve the personal well being

According to the survey Quiero Vivir Mejor (Spanish for I want better living standards), prepared by the National Association of Ceramic Tile and Building Material Distributors of Spain (Andimac), Spaniards qualify the standard of their housing with a 6,8 score. The report has been published by Cuida Tu Casa, to provide or ensure living comfort within the home, in a year marked by the pandemic.
The sector Associations regrets that close to 40% of the Spanish housing does not improve the wellbeing of the persons that habit them. In general terms, the degree of satisfaction does not even reach the passing score, which should be a concern in this “indoor year” in which their homes have been the main refugee for people.
On the other hand, Andimac is not surprised by this discontent, caused by the aging of the Spanish real estate stock, which moreover highlights the urgency of launching a National Rehabilitation and Reform Plan that should be included in the distribution of European funds, by supporting a sole model structure that can be managed from the Autonomous Regions and easily extrapolated at national level. In addition, the Plan should be backed with incentive measures both in fiscal and financial fields.