A kitchen mixer with pull out spray and magnet system from Ramon Soler®

Industrial looks and avant-garde styling

Ramon Soler® presents its latest kitchen mixer with pull out feature and magnet system. A kitchen mixer that exudes industrial looks and avant-garde styling featuring an innovative magnetic system, that automatically returns the spout back to its initial stand position after its use, by means of the action caused by an efficient neodymium magnet. The magnets are teflon coated for a smooth fit and it concerns calibrated magnets. The spout always maintains its stand position due to the water-hammer effect.
Moreover, the mixer features a 360 degrees rotating spout manufactured in black silicon material, that provides a maximum flexibility of use. Combined with the pull out spray, it is the ideal tool for cleaning large kitchen utensils, as well as vegetables or other food. Moreover, it has an integrated anti-theft aerator device and the mixer comes in a highly resistant chrome coating, but also new finishes, all antibacterial and scratch resistant.