The Hotel Saint-Gelais d'Angoulême, France.
Agence PH2B.
Pierre Lépinoux Chambaud.


At the forefront of new materials

The Hotel Saint Gelais d´Angoulême, a prestigious interior design project realized by the Paris based PH2B design studio, showcases the world of endless opportunities offered by a most versatile material such as the compact mineral Krion, manufactured by the Porcelanosa Group, offering a huge variety of applications and colours. This new generation material has been used for decorative applications in many elements of the guest rooms and bathrooms. The interior design studio has successfully succeeded to create the perfect fusion between the most elegant past and the use of latest generation state-of-the-art materials.

In the heart of Angoulême, situated in the French region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, we can find an ancient diocesan house that for several months now, has been transformed into the spectacular Hotel Saint-Gelais. Twelve rooms, a restaurant, a meeting room, a gym and a terrace with spectacular views are the allures of this hotel, together with its impressive and surprising interior design. The architects Pierre-Henri Bouchacourt and Tristán Dohy, the leading interior designers from the PH2B studio, are the authors of this project; besides the interiors, they have also carefully designed each of the designer objects that can be discovered in this peculiar hotel and applied Krion to highlight their creations. To execute the decoration project in most of the rooms, they selected surfaces from the premium mineral from the Porcelanosa Group.

The meticulous work of the PH2B study has succeeded to take benefit from the generous properties of the Krion material, adapting different functions in each corner of the rooms. The bathtubs are absolutely striking, and Krion product has been applied to create a partition as a vertical covering, which at the same time is used for the washbasins and bedsides. Krion can also be found in the shower areas, mirrors, bedside tables, and washbasins. The specialised transforming company Eal C'Design has taken on the task of converting the Krion PH2B designs from paper to reality.