Project name:
Areias do Seixo, Portugal.
Vasco Vieira
Interior decoration:
Rosario Gabriel e Isabel Schedel

Areias do Seixo

A magical place on the wild coast of Portugal

The Areias do Seixo 5 star hotel, was designed by the architect Vasco Vieira and decorated by Rosario Gabriel and Isabel Schedel. It is a magical place surrounded by nature and close to the sea, and situated at less than an hour outside Lisbon, on a 5- minute walk from the beach of Santa Cruz.

Back to origins, without thrills, in a space that is all about sensations. The hotel counts with an excellent location, at the edge of the sand dunes of a wild beach surrounded by cliffs. The design of the rooms, the colours and flavours of the restaurant and the relaxing spa will immerse us in a tornado of unique sensations.

The hotel is situated in an area that exudes harmony and respect for nature. It concerns a low density unit, composed by original designed rooms offering diverse decoration styles: African, Indian, and Moroccan inspired, romantic settings, where all spaces feature a predominating use of recycled materials, inspiring rustic, sophisticated...

In this incredible hotel, a tribute to the guidelines of sustainable tourism, you have the choice among four Love Rooms, four Gold Rooms, four Tree Rooms, four Land Rooms, 4 villas with 3 bedrooms or a Townhouse with three bedrooms. The bathrooms stand out for their originality and exclusivity, both for the selection of applied materials as for their creative space distribution.

At the Love Rooms, the bathrooms are characterized by the use of polished cement, which in one of the rooms, contrasts distinctly with the wooden countertop and on-top vessel basins that seem suspended in the air. In front of the bed, a most decorative and functional object, that shapes a constant design feature in all the rooms, a huge chimney is located. On the outside, a little waterfall drops water directly into a small pool, where you can relax and enjoy the amazing views.

In the bathroom areas of the rooms, the polished cement floor and walls contrasts distinctively with the stainless steel accessories and chrome plated concealed wall taps. Accessories such as ethnic tinted pendant lamps, wooden sculptures... captivate the attention of guests who will experience how the outside becomes virtually integrated with the interior, as if it were a mere extension of the same.

In the Gold Rooms, the pebbled walls create a perfect combination with the grey shade of cement. In the Silver Room, the fireplace is outdoors and you can enjoy from the open-air shower or bath with waterfall effect, situated next to it. This is a common feature for most of the rooms with outside baths, showers or water cascades