Tres Grifería reminds us that saving water starts with switching over to an efficient mixer tap

Increased efficiency and reduction of water and electricity receipts


Committed to saving water since their very beginning, 55 years ago, TRES Grifería recalls the importance of updating our old mixer taps and replacing them with current choices, which are more efficient and significantly reduce both water and electricity receipts.

As a result of its endeavour for constant innovation, Spanish brand Tres Grifería has kept improving and has developed a number of new systems that are incorporated into its brassware ranges, with the aim of encouraging water savings. These are Tres-Duo®, Cold-Tres®, and the use of integrated aerators and flow restrictors. In the shower area, a very interesting option to provide a better water consumption are the Tres Over-wall thermostatic mixers. Last but not least, another eco-efficient alternative is the brand´s new Fuji series.