The Leman bath tub from Nuovvo exudes contemporary sophistication

A sculptural element that combines modernity and elegance

The Nuovvo® Leman bath tub adds a personal touch to any space because of its sculptural nature, and by blending modernity and elegance, contributing exclusivity to its surroundings. The matt white colour in combination with its chic oval shape exudes a timeless design, conveying a pleasant feeling of comfort.
The Leman bath tub has a height of 50cm and consists of a 122x52 oval base that enlarges toward the top in a gentle and rounded shape, resulting into a 170x80cm top surface, perfectly proportional to the base. It is worth highlighting the 170cm dimension, a key factor, as it is the minimum length required to qualify for 5 star ratings for a hotel. The Leman bath tub is manufactured from Nuovvosolid, a compact material, that is durable and non deformable and provides a high grade of security and ease to the consumer. Nuovvosolid is a premium quality material, providing a sleek look as well as a soft and warm touch to the skin. Moreover, the product includes a subtle overflow with minimalistic design, integrated into the double walled bath tub.