Strohm Teka presents its 180° shower, an example of innovation and design that has been patented by the Spanish firm

A patented example of innovation and design featuring the first shower that holds the shower hose inside the shower bar

Strohm Teka presents the 180º shower, which hides the shower hose inside the shower bar and by turning it 180º, it appears and becomes activated. Because of this unique and innovative feature, the new product release exudes a carefully designed and minimalist look, maintaining all the features that are expected from a high-end shower product, which moreover makes it for more easier to clean and is more hygienic. The Spanish firm once again surprises with this new patented product that stands for an innovative system hiding the hose and the hand shower inside the rotating bar. Furthermore, it includes two added technologies that already consist as a hallmark of the brand: the Dual Control shower system, which combines the design of a thermostatic mixer with the functionality of a lever mixer; and the Healthy system, that reduces the possibility of bacteria proliferating since when the shower mixer is closed, the water in the pipes is automatically drained.