Spanish Royo Group absorbs the Fiora brand

Both companies will benefit from the synergies for further growth and sales development

The international holding Royo Group, at present the first and leading Spanish company in the bathroom furniture manufacturing sector, as well a brand reference in all of Europe. The business plan of the Royo Group includes a milestone to achieve the pole position, within the sector and on European level, before the year 2020, by means of executing a strategic plan of organic growth, that includes the strategy of incorporating leading brands of different product categories within the sector, into the Royo Group.

The first step in this international consolidation process has been the incorporation of the Fiora brand, the European leading firm in the market segment and product category of resin shower trays, a brand positioned at the higher segment of the market, whose values are based on its exclusive brand image, continuous innovation, high quality of products and outstanding design, excellence in manufacturing and a dedicated customer service.

The absorption of the Fiora brand into the international Royo Group perfectly fits into the international strategy of the holding company, not only with the aim to create and grow within new geographical areas and market segments, but also to extend its leading position into other product categories and improve overall customer service levels. The commercial networks of Royo and Fiora will remain independent and operate separately. This strategy is mainly due to the different market level positioning of both brands, and thus can only have a positive impact to achieve improved sales figures and turnover. The central headquarter of Fiora is located in the Spanish Nájera Rioja region, where manufacturing activities will continue on a total facility of 26.000 square meters, equipped with the most modern technologies and almost fully automated plants covering most of the production processes.

The Royo Group disposes of manufacturing units in Spain, Poland and Mexico, also brand offices in the Unites States and India, and is operating in more than 60 countries spread over the five continents. The turnover of the Royo Group, after the incorporation of Fiora, largely exceeds 120 millions of Euros. The complete Fiora team stands fully behind the acquisition and is highly committed to the given opportunity of becoming integrated into the larger European business project of Royo. Fiora will keep its own identity, management teams and staff, as well as their premium brand profile. Both company´s products and market segment reach a perfect complement to each other and will permit continued growth, as already experienced over the entire last decade and will jointly reinforce its present competitive position in the world market.