The Spanish firm Genebre presents its new 2017-2018 catalogue of mixers

Exclusive and innovative proposals for bathroom and kitchen mixers

The Spanish company Genebre fully engages and commits to innovation and functionality with the presentation of their new collections of mixers, for both bathroom and kitchen applications. After the very successful brand and product presentations at major trade fairs of the sector earlier this year, such as Cevisama celebrated in Valencia last February, and ISH in Frankfurt, the leading bathroom fair of Europe, Genebre has succeeded to captivate existing and newcomer customers with its new catalogue of mixers. The company´s latest and most exclusive product proposals have been included in a new 2017-2018 product catalogue, featuring all available collections and items, and providing full technical data, accessories and spare parts listing.

Genebre has made great efforts in recent years for streamlining the product ranges and directing their general catalogue towards a careful selection of series, that are adapted to the needs of a wide array of customers across the globe. Among the most significant new products are the new fixed shower columns with pallet box distribution system. But surely also the new Genebre water filtering system, to preserve to a maximum extend all the cherished properties of water for better health, through the purification of the same, reducing as well the consumption of bottled water. Moreover, the new collections of kitchen mixers: flexible, extensible, and boosting new versions within the stainless steel mixer collection, besides the new modular mixer systems. Last but not least, Genebre has reinforced and enhanced the organization, controlling and administration of accessories and spare parts in all its series.