Spanish consumers spend an avarage amount of 3.880,28 Euros on bathroom renovations via internet purchases

The online platform Banium presents a report revealing that the category that most interest generates is bathroom furniture

The online platform Banium has presented its second report on customer behaviour in Spain related to internet purchases within the sector of bathroom equipment. The report was recently revealed based on the data, that has been recorded during all of the year 2017 and by the registration of a sample audience of more than 240.000 internet users, spread over the national territory of Spain. The internet portal Banium consolidates its leading position in Spain with close to 50 participating manufacturers on its platform and more than 19.000 displayed product reference of bathroom equipment products.

The study confirms that the majority of the registered visitors to the Banium platform belong to an age group between 35 and 44 years. And from this sample group, a majority of 64% are female web visitors. Another interesting fact is that close to 52% of the visitors uses their mobile phone to connect for internet purchases or page searches. The most popular searches were connected to explicit design related contents, such as the search terms “modern bathrooms” or “designer bathrooms”, and it must be added that others search words such as “wet room” or “resin basin” also returned very frequently during the registered sample period. In terms of category search results, the most repeated category relates to bathroom furniture, creating the largest interest of users with a score of 26,44%, followed by basin searches (20,09%), and shower enclosures (15,19%) and users looking for brassware (9,53%). On the contrary, those categories that created very few interest in online search from internet users were the terms bidet, showing only a poor 0,51% rating, floor tiles and wall tiles with 1,16% and also bath tubs featuring a surprising low 1,55%.

Moreover, the report released by Banium highlights that the brand recognition index rate of the end consumer has now an important influence on the decision of preferred products for bathroom renovation. The report also includes regional difference within Spain for internet purchases on bathroom equipment. The community of Castilla y Leon in Spain shows the best conversation ratio and moreover has the highest average spending in online shopping carts. Finally, the report has also analysed the bathroom renovation spending of the users. From the analysed data of registered portal visitors, the average spending for bathroom renovation has been calculated to a value of 3.880,28 Euros. Another interesting data shows that amongst the Spanish regional communities, the region of Alava has been detected as the region with the highest spending in bathroom renovations.