The Spanish bathroom giant Roca presents its 2017 catalogues

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Roca, the global leader in the manufacturing, commercialization and product design for decoration of bathroom spaces, uploaded its latest catalogues and brochures, showcasing all Roca bathroom products available in 2017, on the network of international Roca websites. Amongst the wide array of novelties, there are several highlights to be marked, such as the stunning Beyond and Carmen collections, the revolutionary In-Wash®
concept, the surprising Inspira range, or the latest addition to the premium Armani/Roca concept named Baia. All of these collections, and many more interesting new items across the complete range of product families inside each bathroom product category, confirm the strong commitment of the firm towards innovation in the year of its centenary.

Roca presents the new 2017 general price book, with separate editions for Shower tray, bathtub and shower enclosure; Integrated Bathroom solutions and furniture collections; Brassware collections; and Kitchens sinks and kitchen tap fittings, furthermore the amazing new Smart Toilets brochure and last but not least the company´s Everything in Bathrooms magazine. All of these brochures can be browsed on-line at the Roca international webpages or downloaded in PDF format at the following link: www.roca.com