Smart Touchless Solutions from Genebre

The latest catalogue of electronic bathroom taps for public environments is committed to technology and at the service of people and the environment

Genebre  presents its new Catalogue of Electronic Public Taps for bathroom spaces, in a very emotional and versatile frame, and reflecting the Spanish company's commitment in caring for the environment. Genebre's new range of taps for public environments has been designed to offer solutions to all types of spaces and collectives. The Touchless technology, highly hygienic and contactless, stands out, as well as the electronic tap with with integrated sensor from the Klin series and the floor standing mixer for bathtubs from the Koral Series, both honoured with an iF Design Award 2021. Moreover, all the electronic tap bodies from Genebre are equipped with an integrated sensor, and manufactured with CW617N or CC754S brass, and all its parts are protected by a high quality chrome plated coating. Other highlights from the firm’s new product releases is the Klin series electronic sensor tap, as well as the external urinal valve with sensor and battery powered or the special section of sensor equipped concealed valves for urinal, shower and toilet applications.