SFA Sanitrit presents Sanislim, 13 centimeters to create a complete bathroom in any style and anywhere

The product portfolio of waste macerators of the firm is completed with an ultra slim model

The product range of waste macerators of SFA Sanitrit has been enhanced with the ultra slim Sanislim model of only 13cm of depth, offering capacity for evacuating gray and black waters of all the elements within the bathroom; shower, toilet, basin and bidet in any bathroom layout, even in extremely reduced spaces or distanced from the evacuation downpipes.

The new Sanislim model can elevate domestic waste waters vertically up to a 2,5 meters height, at a rate capacity of more than 60 litres per minute, or move waste waters up to 40 meters in horizontal with a slope of merely 1%. This highly engineered product opens innumerous new designer options for interior designers and architects and the entire building professionals community, to create and design new bathroom interiors with a total freedom of design. Moreover, the new Sanislim product reference boosts low acustic level contamination.