The sales volume of the Spanish firm GME shows a 227% growth from 2010 figures

The record growth reflects the excellent customer satisfaction rate for the company's customer service and the product quality of the firm, headquartered in Valencia, Spain

GME, a company with headquarters in the Spanish Valencian Community, shows an extraordinary continuous year on year double digit growth percentage in its sales results. In the short period of only 7 years´ time and in despite of the economic crisis situation that struck Europe by complete during that period, the company has achieved to register a spectacular growth in turnover figures. Regarding the recent company history, until the year 2010, GME was primarily established in the Portuguese market. It was only a few years ago when they also started penetrating the Spanish market by creating an innovative formula, that has since revolutionised the shower screen sector and has proven to be the most successful strategy during the difficult years of the crisis period.

The breaking point in GME´s recent history is situated during the years 2013 and 2014, where the sales figures reported an amazing 30% rate year on year increase. Whilst at the same time the company struggled with sales in their strong Portuguese market, entirely due to the difficult situation during that period, on the contrary, in Spain it enjoyed an extraordinary growth, that combined with the steep increase of exports to countries such as France or Italy, took GME rapidly to the next dimension in terms of sales volumes.

From that moment onwards, GME has maintained an admirable year on year sales increase of about 20%, to exceed a turnover figure of twenty millions of Euros during the past year, turning it into the company with major growth numbers within the sector in recent years. The general management of the company has made a clear and concise statement explaining the success year, assuring that “these excellent results reflect the high satisfaction grade of our customers, proof of our levels of service and the good quality level of the products in our portfolio”.

An immediate and swift delivery service, the constant product innovations and an excellent rated customer service level and friendly approach from both the corporate identity and commercial agents, as well as the vast and varied product offer of the company, have been, amongst others, the most significant factors that have made GME successful and an important brand reference within the sector.