Official launch of the Acquabella Virtual Tour

A journey through the senses

Spanish brand Acquabella puts technology at the service of its customers with the launch of an ambitious and innovative project, that will immerse the user in an unprecedented virtual experience: the Acquabella Virtual Tour. The differentiating elements of this virtual tour compared to others are the  extremely high quality of the online tool, including the possibility of moving freely throughout the portal, that has integrated the latest generation video game technology.
The tour offers exceptional realism in the appreciation of the company’s eight textures for its products: Quiz, Arabba, Ethnic, Slate, Ardesia, Beton, Nude and even including its microtexture Zero; the virtual platform allows the user to customize the colour of the products to any of the more than 2,000 available colour options, to choose between the Standard and Naturally Made collections and any offered in the NCS chart. Once the options of the products have been selected, the customer can even capture the image to save it on its computer or device. The “drone” function, allows different views from different angles, highly recommended for shower trays, and is another of the tools´ exceptional functions, yet another example is the possibility of seeing how the selected design will look at different times of the day, by using the night mode.