New wash and dry station from Mediclinics

All in one, a new concept for better hygiene and increased security in the bathroom

Spanish firm Mediclinics, S.A. presents the wash and dry station All in one, that changes by completely the existing concept of hand wash and drying, because all elements of soap, water and air are within the same basin.

All in one has been designed considering both the aesthetics and performance levels of wash stands. Additional to being a touchless product, an (optional) HEPA filter medium can be incorporated, as well as the (optional) "Ion Hygienic®" technology to clean and purify air.

Not only space saving, but moreover time, energy, water and soap saving, the new All in one system will also keep the bathroom more safe, hygienic and clean. The new Mediclinics wash and dry station is available for a two deck mounted tap option or three wall mounted tap version.