Nazca acquires 100% of the capital of McBath, keeping the present executive team in charge

A new milestone for MCBath in its commitment to national and international expansion, along with new product development

Nazca Capital has acquired the full 100% of Moldcom Composites, S.L. (McBath) and keeps the present executive team of the company at command. This investment is the first operation of the IV Nazca Fund, raised during the second half of 2016 with a capital of 275 million euro. Headquartered in in the Spanish city of Ribarroja near Valencia, McBath has become one of the European leaders in the production of resin shower trays. An originally niche market that is registering double digit growth and rapidly expanding sales in an important number of European countries. Employing more than 120 staff, the firm has tripled its sales volume since 2013, closing the 2016 financial with a total turnover close to 20 million euros. In a short period of time, McBath has succeeded to pole position itself as a brand reference and industry influencer, in the segment of shower trays and basins manufactured from resin materials and Solid Surface. Another important fact to highlight is its significant presence on the international scene, since near 80% of the total sales figure is formed by export countries, being France the main market. 

The Zriser Group acquired the majority of the capital of McBath with the intention to assist in the strategic development for international expansion of the brand. After completing with noteworthy success the initial phase of the master plan, Grupo Zriser has decided to pass the baton to Nazca. At opening this new chapter in its history, McBath reinforces its commitment and trust both in the present management team, as towards its commercial market strategy of national and international expansion, along with the continuous development of new products. Moreover, a selective acquisition policy for companies that would complement the existing product portfolio of the firm will be activated.