Italian brand Grandform launches White Space, a new range of multi-functional shower cabins

Purity of total design featuring white as the predominant colour

Founded as an Italian offshoot of the French SFA Group, Grandform reveals its new collection of multi-functional shower cabins named White Space. It concerns a pure and total design concept that embraces white as the predominant colour feature throughout all elements such as the glass screens, the shower tray and ceiling, and including stylish features of smart and luminous lines. The White Space collection is available in a corner version and comes in two dimensions with radius (80 and 90 cm) and another three dimensions (100, 120 and 140 cm) as well as in rectangular format (80 cm deep). This new collection aims at fully satisfying an array of customer needs and demands, in terms of placement, personal decoration style and taste, topped with a high user comfort, the latter in particular due to an interior clearance height of 200 cm and an acrylic seat incorporated into the series.

The rear glass panels are equipped with a 6 mm thick security glass, and the same specification is applicable for the ceiling part. The sliding doors incorporate an easy-clean system for user friendly and swift maintenance of the shower cabin. Moreover, all these elements are treated with an integrated anti limestone coating. The shower tray with a height of a mere 5 cm features a white acrylic finish and chrome plated profile structure.

Moreover, the White Space collection from Grandform also includes a thermostatically controlled mixing valve, and operates a cascade mode and laminar spray shower function, combined in a square 30 x 30 cm overhead shower including rain function, and providing two shower modes and an additional hand shower with magnetic support. The thermostatically controlled shower valve also allows full user control of the integrated massage functions of the shower cabin, to transform it into a authentic relaxing heaven and personal spa area, including six micro jet sprays, mist sprays for back massage, steam diffusers, aroma therapy and a steam generator of 2,7 kW.

Furthermore, Grandform has incorporated into the White Space multi function shower cabin range a Touch tactile screen that allows the temperature regulation, as well as a timer function and additionally a colour therapy mode with six colour LED strips situated in both sides of the shower cabin. Last, but not least, the touch screen also allows to control the radio function and store up a dozen of radio stations that will be audible through the speakers integrated into the column