GRASS IBERIA celebrates its 10th anniversary

Latest technologies and digitalisation of all processes

GRASS IBERIA celebrates the 10th anniversary of its hardware distribution operational supplied by the headquarters in Austria. In recent years, the Grass Gmbh subsidiary for Spain and Portugal has built up a latest generation technological warehouse system for this logistics centre in the Biscayan town of Iurreta. By means of technology and remote access, the Iberian branch can follow, in real time, the execution of all operations in every warehouse. In addition, all processes are fully digitised. Moreover, the customers can access the facilities virtually thanks to an access to a Virtual Showroom application.

Manufacturers of home, kitchen and bathroom furniture choose GRASS products to enhance the quality of their furniture collections. Additionally, 93% of the customers portfolio continues to work with GRASS during the course time, with an overall average permanence rate of 20 years.