The First Market Observatory for the Bathroom and Kitchen sector

A pioneering initiative for the sector with official presentation during the Cevisama Exhibition

The initiative for the First Market Observatory for the bathroom and kitchen sector, is ideated by ARVET (the Spanish acronym for The Association of Exporters of processed products) in collaboration with the associations ASEBAN/FEBAN and ARVEFER, and in partnership with AIDIMME; the Technological Metal-Mechanic Institute, Furniture, Wood, Packaging and Associated Products. The aim of this Market Watch is "to obtain signals and feedback firsthand from the market place, process all this information, and transform it into useful knowledge to steer the control and monitoring of the business activity in the sector", according to the statement of Mr.  Manolo Herrero, Director of ARVET.

The Market Observatory will cover the industry segment of bathroom and kitchen equipment (including but not limited to bathroom furniture, kitchen cabinets, shower trays, shower enclosures, brassware, bathroom accessories, hardware components, etc). The official presentation of the Observatory, which will cover information about the entire value chain of the market sector, will take place at the forthcoming Cevisama Exhibition. Those companies that become participators in the Observatory of the Bathroom and Kitchen sector will be allowed the unique opportunity to witness firsthand the developments within the market of bathroom furniture and kitchen equipment, and therefore anticipate market trends, detect shortfalls and opportunities; in short, the participating members will enjoy privileged access to valuable insider market data that will contribute to strategic business decision-making. At the presentation act, the working mechanism, performance, benefits, and conditions to participate in the Observatory will be explained in detail.