Duscholux presents the new shower screen range Duschofamilia II

A collection of barrier-free access screens, comfortable and user-friendly for the entire family

The leading German shower screen brand Duscholux recently presented two new models of shower enclosures to complete the exclusive product family of Duschofamilia II shower screen references. The two newly designed models are fitted with two horizontally split, 90º swing doors. One of the models is additionally equipped with two fixed panels in front, for even more transparency. Both shower enclosure options have particularly generous and barrier-free access and are especially suitable for elderly people, people with reduced mobility and families with children. The horizontally split doors are ideal for giving a helping hand without getting wet to parents showering their little children.

Duschofamilia is an example on how Duscholux endeavours day after day for practical design and the result is an outstanding demonstration that functionality and accessibility are perfectly compatible with nice and modern looking design features. Duscholux has found an ideal balance between form and function. Thanks to the product research and development and continuous strive for improvement from the design and engineering teams of Duscholux, we are able to enjoy from a modern space, with all the luxury and comfort expected from a master bathroom, for all the members of the family and independently from their age and mobility, without sacrificing on the bathroom design. Moreover, this collection features eight different models that can be adapted to every need and bathroom layout. More information can be found online at: http://www.duscholux.es/ for the Spanish market in particular, or worldwide from the international website at www.duscholux.com