Duscholux Ibérica celebrates 50 years of manufacturing custom-made products in Spain

The key factors to this success are quality, delivery terms and after-sales service

Duscholux celebrates its 50 years of track record as a pioneering firm in the manufacturing of shower and bathroom screens. Its managing director, Francisco Albertos, points out that the key factors to this success are quality, delivery terms and the after-sales service that is offered by Duscholux. Additionally, he also highlights that Duscholux products are manufactured and designed in Spain and Duscholux Ibérica offer services for all Southern European markets.
Moreover, the brand works with European suppliers and the manufacturing itself of the bath and shower screens has always been carried out in Spain, of which, as a result, the general supply problems that were created by the pandemic could be avoided. Looking to the future, Albertos is confident to continue the successful path thanks to the "experienced team, very clear ideas and a well-defined strategy” of the brand. In order to continue to last fro many more years in time, Duscholux focuses on caring for staff, customers and suppliers, but also for the environment.