Duravit c-bonded technology applies millimetre precision to seamlessly fit ceramic washbasins and bathroom furniture

Moodboard c-bonded, the design of a masterpiece

Duravit combines an excellent manufacturing quality with an outstanding design to create innovative bathroom solutions featuring technological highlights. Perfection, years of experience and a profound business expertise have made possible the development of the c-bonded technology, a globally unique process in which ceramic washbasins and bathroom furniture are assembled almost seamlessly.

By means of the application of an accurate and precise-fitting in-house developed connection technology, the ceramic wash basin and the bathroom furniture cabinet merge into one single unit. The actual thickness of the ceramic wash basin becomes undetectable and is reduced to a precise and clear edge. The transition from the cool, smooth ceramics to the natural warm texture of the wood creates a unique and impressive sensation to the touch and provides a completely new look and exceptionally sleek basin area. The smooth and seamless surface are quick and easy to clean and the vanity unit conveys generous storage space. In this way, the bathroom space evolves into a masterpiece. C-bonded solutions are available in three different combinations: L-Cube bathroom furniture + Darling New ceramic basin, L-Cube bathroom furniture + Vero Air ceramic basin and Brioso bathroom furniture + Vero Air ceramic basin.