The firm has commissioned the Barcelona based interior design studio CírculoCuadrado with its new design

Decosan has entrusted the Barcelona based interior design studio CírculoCuadrado  with the design of the new Alma collection, converted into one of the great novelties of its new 2021 Catalogue. The Alma series is part of the Spanish firm's Atelier collections, in which detail and craftsmanship are taken care of to the maximum detail. It concerns a fully customizable furniture range, made to measure so it can be perfectly adapted to a multitude of designed spaces and environments.
Alma defines a bathroom concept that easily merges into the decoration of the other rooms of the home, and can be integrated into the resting area of ​​a suite. The possibility of the double use of this collection is one of its main singularities, the washbasin area and the vanity area are merged into one single piece. Oak woods and a range of lacquers in deep and intimate colors define the Alma colour options palette, a very carefully studied selection of noble materials that convey harmony and order.